CWK Ltd. Is a Polish family company created at the beginning of 2000. We mainly produce endings of ventilation and air-conditioning installations, which are 100% made by our firm. All our products are modern and professional, made from aluminium or steel. KW grates and AN diffusers are made from extruded aluminium profiles in compliance with patented patterns. A construction solution for grates for round KS cables and P throttles is also patented.

To meet our clients demands for new patterns of intake and exhaust ventilators we have modernised our machinery with numerically operated machines CNC. This lets us realize both individual and large orders in a short time. Our own powder paintshop enables us to paint those products quickly with any colour in RAL palette. During a dozen or so years of operation a broad range of our products have been installed in the most prestigious buildings both in Poland and abroad. Thank you very much!


Examples of the machines

Wycinarka plazmowa CNC

wycinarka plazmowa 

LVD - prasa krawędziowa CNC


Przetłaczarka niciarka

 przetłaczarka niciarka


Maszyna do zaciskania uszczelki

 maszyna do zaciskania uszczelki


Wykrawarka CNC

wykrawarka CNC


Piła pneumatyczna do ciecia profili

piła pneumatyczna do cięcia profili


Zaginarka hydrauliczna

zaginarka hydrauliczna


Gilotyna CNC

gilotyna CNC


Automat tokarski

automat tokarski



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